Woodwork Joints

Different Types Of Woodworking Joints

Whether your a professional woodworker or a home diy woodworker, knowing all the basic woodworking joints can really help you to create some excellent projects.

The Basic Woodwork Joints

woodwork joints type 1

a) Through Hunched Mortise & TenonĀ 

b) Secret Hunched Mortise and Tenon

c) Secret Hunched Stub Mortise and Tenon

d) Corner rail to leg

e) Corner or ‘L’ bridle

f) Corner or ‘L’ dovetailed bridle

g) ‘T’ Bridle



wood joints section 2

h) Corner halved or ‘L’ joint

i) ‘T’ Halved Joint

j) Mitered corner joint

k) Halved corner Miter Joint

woodworking joints

l) Butt joint

m) Square through housing

n) Stopped Housing

o) Dovetailed housing

p) Stopped or ‘lapped’ housing or ‘dado’

q) Stopped or ‘lapped’ dovetailed (single or double) housing or ‘dado’.

Joints p & q are often used vertically as a divider.

woodworking joints how to

r) Common halved ‘T’ frame dovetail

s) Common dovetail – corner joint

t) Lapped dovetail – corner joint



wood working plans

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