Shed Foundations

The purpose of a shed foundation

A shed foundation serves two main purposes:

    • To provide a solid and stable base on which to construct your unit
    • And to protect your building from the moisture which within the ground

But thankfully enough a shed foundation, unlike a house foundation dose not have to be dug deep into the ground.

And the added benefit of this is that you’ll save not only time, but money too!

The obvious reason for this is due the weight factor. As a shed weights nothing in comparison to a house.

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The 3 main types of foundations

There are 3 main different types of standard shed foundations that you can construct at home yourself:

  • Pressure treated timber sleepers
  • Concrete block pier foundations
  • The concrete slab

There are a few different factors which generally dictate which type of shed foundation you should go for:

  • Your budget of course
  • The grounds you are going to be building on
  • What your shed is going to be used for

Which shed foundation should I choose?

Concrete Block Piers

concrete block piers exampleIf you find yourself in the situation where you have to build on a sloping ground, then Concrete Block Piers are definitely the best option to go for.

You can buy these concrete block piers preformed or you can construct them yourself to save money.

A Concrete Slab Foundation

Concrete Slab Foundation ExampleIf your going to be using your new shed as a garage of sorts; for example to park and work on cars. Or if you plan on doing a lot of hot work i.e welding or iron works, then the Concrete Slab type is the way to go.

This type is the most expensive to construct and the most time consuming too, but is essential for garage type works.

Pressure treated timber sleepers

shed foundation with treated timber bearersThis is the most common type of foundation that is used in shed construction. It is the cheapest of all the options, easiest to construct and if done properly will last for forever.

The main beauty of this type is that it requires no special equipment to do, and can be done over a good weekends work.

For a full detailed description on how to do this check out my post: An Easy Shed Foundation To Build

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